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Saint Andrew Catholic School Holiday Program

Saint Andrew Catholic School Holiday Program Image
St. Andrew Catholic School Holiday Program 2017
December 14th, 2017
Pre-K through 3rd grade show-5:30pm
Performers must arrive and be in their classroom by 5:15pm
4th-8th grade show-  6:45pm 
Performers must arrive and be in their classroom by 6:15pm
**All students should be in SACS dress uniform – no sweatshirts. It gets warm in gym for our performers so please no sweaters. Vests are OK.
***(Pre-K in white or light blue polo and navy pants/skirt)

Meet the Teacher

Meet the Teacher Image

Mrs. Powell- Kindergarten

Hi, my name is Debra Powell.  I am so excited to be working with Kindergarten again this year.  I truly love working with the kids and seeing their progress and development throughout the year.  I enjoy the smiles, giggles, stories, hugs and questions that fill every day.  A little about me…I am originally from Colorado and moved to Utah with my family about 12 years ago.  I have been in the education field for about seven years as a literacy aide, teacher's aide, and teacher.  I enjoy spending time with my family, reading, being in the mountains, and playing with my two schnauzers Max and Macey.  The kindergarteners have been working (and playing) very hard this year.  We have such a great group of students.  They are all so excited to be together and enjoy learning.  We have recently been working on making some turkey’s that express what we are thankful for.  They always amaze me with how much they appreciate their families, God, and monster trucks!!  The students have also really enjoyed making their sentence buddies.  We are learning about what a sentence needs…a capital (red cap), a verb, a noun, and end marks (the feet).  They have learned a little song to go with it and they are getting very good at being able to recognize those things in a sentence.  I look at them today as compared to when they came in the first day and I see how much they have grown and learned just by being together.  I am so proud of our class and all that we are accomplishing this year!!

The Spirit of St. Andrew

The Spirit of St. Andrew Image
I am so pleased to announce the November recipient of The Spirit of Saint Andrew Award, 8th grade student Jeremy!
Jeremy was nominated for consistently lending a helping hand, even when not asked, for showing great patience and caring when working with his kindergarten buddies and for setting a good example for his fellow students. Maybe the best example of Jeremy's character can be shown in this story from Mr Findley:
"One time I was telling Jeremy that he looked like Abraham Lincoln in the top hat that he wore for D.A.R.E. Spirit Week, and that my students were currently studying about him. Later in the day he came into my classroom with his hat on and his social studies book and gave the kids a speech as Abraham was wonderful."
Jeremy-  your positive attitude and willingness to help are greatly appreciated and uplift our school community...keep up the good work!

News & Announcements

University of Notre Dame ACE recognizes Saint Andrew Thumbnail Image

University of Notre Dame ACE recognizes Saint Andrew

The Catholic School Advantage program, part of the Alliance for Catholic Education (ACE) at the University of Notre Dame recognized Saint Andrew Catholic for making high quality Catholic school education accessible
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Events Calendar

Show Calendar

N.E.D. Assembly

N.E.D. Assembly Image
This week we hosted a N.E.D. assembly. The acronym N- Never Give Up, E- Encourage Others, D- Do your Best provided the theme. The students thoroughly enjoyed the presentation which included yo-yo tricks, humor and some very touching moments. Fourth grade student, Damien, received a special prize for answering the question: "what is most important thing to remember?", to which he answered, "Always be nice to others". Way to go Damien!!!!
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