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Learning Expectations


  • I strive to be a life-long learner.
  • I am prepared to learn.
  • I set goals.
  • I think and problem solve.
  • I know God is the giver of all gifts.
  • I love and respect God and all creation.
  • I make good choices.
  • I know God’s word and my faith.
  • I stand up for others.
  • I accept responsibility for my own actions.
  • I respect all people.
  • I serve others.

1. I communicate effectively through
A. speaking,
B. writing
C. listening.
2. I am prepared by
A. being curious
B. being enthusiastic
C. having all materials ready.
3. I set goals
A. that are reasonable and able to be met
B. and effectively work to accomplish them.
4. I think and problem solve by
A. using my brain and knowledge
B. sorting out relevant facts
C. staying on task
1. I recognize all gifts and talents are from God so
A. I use my gifts to help others
B. I am thankful for my talents
2. I love and respect creation by
A. caring for things God made
B. recycling
C. keeping my school and desk clean
D. treating all creation kindly
3. I make choices
A. based on the Catholic faith
B. using moral judgment
C. learning by mistakes
4. I show knowledge of scripture and the Church’s teachings by
A. reading and studying the bible
B. paying attention in religion class
C. sharing my knowledge with others
5. I am practicing my faith by
A. learning my prayers.
B. nurturing an active prayer life.
C. participating in the liturgy of the Catholic Church.
1. I stand up for others appropriately by
A. treating everyone justly.
B. telling others to stop when they are treating someone badly.
C. encouraging others to never be a bully.
D. defending someone who is being teased.
2. I accept responsibility for my own actions by
A. admitting a mistake.
B. apologizing when I hurt someone.
C. taking consequences without complaining.
3. I respect people of all faiths and cultures by
A. living by the teachings of Jesus.
B. valuing the cultures of everyone.
C. not making fun of people who are different from me.
4. I serve others by
A. using my time to help my family.
B. using my talents for the good of the community.
C. praying for the needs of the world.