Saint Andrew Catholic School

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We currently have open enrollment. Your child may begin the new academic year with us, or transfer during the school year. As you consider applying to Saint Andrew Catholic School, you may have some basic questions. The following may be helpful in understanding and making a decision to attend Saint Andrew.

Saint Andrew Catholic School is a fully accredited parochial school under the auspices of Saint Andrew Catholic Parish. It is part of the Diocese of Salt Lake Catholic School System which determines policies for each school.

The Catholic School System provides curriculum guides to each school based on the requirements of the State of Utah as well as the standards of our school system. Each school determines their curriculum, selecting textbooks and materials to accomplish diocesan and school goals. The curriculum is holistic, meaning that all aspects of the child’s development are considered: spiritual, physical, social, intellectual, psychological, and aesthetic. We aim for high academic excellence while providing avenues to develop other aspects of the child. Religion is taught daily and all students, including those not of the Catholic faith, are required to attend religion classes and periodic religious services. Other subjects are taught according to the time requirements of the state and diocese. The Catholic school curriculum stresses values and develops good moral decision making skills. 
Preschool and Prekindergarten offer both a full day and half day option. Kindergarten is a full day program. 

Saint Andrew Catholic School has a positive discipline policy in which all students are expected to exhibit their best behavior. When rules are broken parents will be called to discuss how best to help the child go forward in a positive manner. Building of character is one of the aims of discipline. Suspension and expulsion are very rare and will be a last resort after all else fails. The main goal is to provide a learning environment in which each child can learn. If one child continually disrupts it is not fair to the other children in the class.

Saint Andrew students wear a uniform. Click here for more information on the uniforms.

Students will be accepted into Preschool/PreKindergarten through grade 8 according to the listing on the application. Hours for the Preschool morning program are 8:15-11:130 M-F, hours for the Preschool and PreKindergarten full day program are 8:15-3:30 M-F. Hours for K through 8 are 8:15-3:30 M-Th and 8:15-1:00 F.

Please click below to download the application.

Other Services
There is an Extended Day Program (EDP) before school from 7:00am-8:00 am and after school until 6:00 p.m. for working parents. More information on EDP can be found on the EDP page. With volunteer parents, we provide seasonal sports teams to compete with other schools in the area. We have hot lunch available for purchase, Monday through Friday.

Parent Involvement
Catholic schools ask parents to be involved because we feel it benefits the students as well as keeps cost down. There is a service requirement of 25 hours per year for each family (20 hours for single parents). You may find more information on the Volunteer Service Hours program page.